The Shocker Run # 9: Another Year in the Books!

The Shocker Run # 9:  Another Year in the Books!

The 9th Annual Shocker Run was an odd day in GPAX history, but in a good way.  It was a dry, mild day with no snow, ice, or fog anywhere in sight.  The normal question of what would winter bring to this Shocker was met with bits of sunshine and a slight breeze.  The only thing that slowed the morning down was the long lines to register and pay in the office!  6 groups set out across various sections of the park to enjoy their day.  The park tends to morph and change from year to year as the weather, trucks, logging, and time wear away the rocks and dirt.  Many green trails are now blues and many deep mud holes are now shallow.  With less time spent on recovery, the groups were able to cover much more ground then in previous years and really explore all ends of the park.  Ultimately, it was a great day, with minimal carnage and maximum fun.  Thank you to all who attended and get ready for the 10th anniversary next year!

A special thanks to our platinum sponsor, NissTec, for making this Shocker Run extra special for everyone who attended and the lucky attendee who walked away with a new set of coilovers!