Kokopelli Trail in Moab, UT.

GPAX – Home of the ECXC “Hardcore” Champions!



  • President – Stephen Q. Breslin (XterraPA)
  • Vice President – Casey Breslin (little©)
  • 1st Officer – Jeff Diem
  • Website Administrator – Curtis Sellon (Ricel)


Mission Statement:

GPAX (Greater Pennsylvania Area Xterras) was created to give Xterra owners and non Xterra owners in the Philadelphia area an outlet to get out and go off-roading in a friendly, educational and fun environment. GPAX supports legal and responsible wheeling in Pennsylvania and all the surrounding states. GPAX is here to promote legal off-roading, further the sport and provide fund raising for charities in need. We make it our goal to follow the principals of Tread Lightly and leave every area as we found it and pack out everything we pack in.  Our passion is traveling, exploring and pushing our trucks to the limit of their capabilities. Join us and experience the world of off-roading in a whole new way!



If you are interested in receiving emails from GPAX about GPAX events and other local 4×4 events then please fill out the form below so we can add you to the active member email list. To those who don’t know, GPAX stands for Greater Philadelphia Area Xterras.

We need the following info:

This will become a great resource for all of us to contact each other and network for Meet & Greets, Mod Days, Wheeling Trips and just general hanging out.

The annual membership dues are $30, plus $5.35 shipping for non local pickup.