ECXC 2011

One of the Saturday Trail Groups at ECXC 2011 led by Jim O'Dell.

Another amazing ECXC has gone and passed and it is time to reflect back on what a great time it was.  I want to thank all the GPAX members who attended and made it special.  In addition, I want to thank the organizers, Dana, Will, Jason, Frank & Heidi for their hard work, as well as NeXterra to also helped sponsor the event.  This year’s event drew almost 60 trucks in total over the course of 3 days.  The event’s trail runs were held Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at Rausch Creek Off-Road Park in Tremont, PA and most of the event’s attendees camped at the Twin Grove KOA in Suedeburg, PA.  The trail damage included slashed tires, bent rims, burnt out alternators, body damage, bent tie rods, broken torsion bar adjustors, bent knuckles, shattered u-joints, torn brake lines, sheered steering racks and many other problems.  No damage or delays on the trail could stop the camaraderie and friendships that are built over the course of a given ECXC.  And, this year was no different, because once again the people are what made the event such a memorable experience.  People from all over the United States and Canada traveled to make this event and that is what makes it so special.

Jessica Ott defies gravity on Yellow Jacket at ECXC 2011.

Tom Kurahara (BklynX) leads the Adavnced group down Snake Bite at Rausch Creek Off-Road Park during ECXC 2011.
The ECXC BBQ & Raffle held at the Twin Grove KOA campground in Suedeburg, PA.
The GPAX merchandise table at thr ECXC 2011 BBQ.
The moon presides over the final night of ECXC at the Twin Grove KOA.

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