Success at Deep Six!

The sixth annual Shocker Run “Deep Six” was held on February 23rd, 2013 at Rausch Creek Off-Road Park and was a rousing success!  Almost 50 trucks rolled into the foggy R.C. parking lot and split into groups.  The conditions were wet & wild, which made for an interesting day on the trails.  Besides low visibility, and cold temperatures, there was shifting snow and thick mud that had to be dealt with.   A few slick recoveries were in order, especially late in the day when the groups were getting their last trails in.  I know a couple trucks had some serious pucker moments on the edge and in some deep mud.


The foggy lineup at 8:30am.
LIXterra gets on 3 wheels on R.C.’s western property.
XterraMike makes his way through a snowy trail on the western property.
One of the Green Trail Groups winds it’s way through R.C.’s fog.


Tom breaks through some ice and mud on Trail 12.

A few tense recoveries:

A huge thanks to all the sponsors who made the raffle an amazing and highly anticipated post run event!  Also, a debt of gratitude to the GPAX officer’s whose seamless cooperation allowed the Shocker Run – Deep Six to be the great day that it was.