Ridin’ Dirty Run 2017



The 3rd installment of the Ridin’ Dirty Run will take GPAX even farther north in Pennsylvania to the Anthractie Outdoor Adventure Area. The AOAA is a mutli-purpose off-road park in Northumberland County, PA.

GPAX will hold 3 trail level groupings for this run. You can choose from Green (Beginner) Blue (Intermediate) or Black (Advanced) trail groups and will be led around by a seasoned GPAX trail leader.

GPAX will be staying at the Twin Grove camp grounds in Pine Grove, PA on Friday and Saturday nights.

When: October 28, 2017
Where: AOAA (Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area) AOAA FULL THROTTLE EXPERIENCE | AOAA Trails
What Time: 8:00am – 5:00pm
Lodging: Twin Grove http://twingrove.com/

You can expect beautiful fall weather, great trails, and awesome times with friends on the trails and around the camp fire at the Ridin’ Dirty Run 2017!

*Each driver will receive a complimentary run decal courtesy of GPAX.