Supporting Membership 2012-2013

Supporting Member Dues are Due Now!


GPAX supporting member dues are going to be due by June 30st 2011. Any dues paid prior to June 10, 2012 have been pro-rated for the 2011/2012 supporting member year. The dues this year will be $30.00 per supporting member. GPAX is accepting payment only via PayPal at:

The membership package for 2012/2013 will include a supporting member’s vinyl decal and a free club t-shirt (design TBD). The membership dues are extremely important for the success of the club and the ability for the club to sponsor local and countrywide events such as GONE Moab, ECXC, NXM. The dues also go towards supporting the club’s website and our premier club runs, such as The Shocker Run and The Ridin’ Dirty Run.

Last year, GPAX was able to purchase great raffle items for our club events, such as a complete Powertank setup, Hi-Lift accessories, and tons of recovery gear!

The supporting decals look like this and have space left to add the upcoming supporting member years as they pass. The color are used for display purposes only.

Upcoming Events

NeXterra Florida Vacation Run


ECXC 2012

  • When:  July 19th-22nd
  • Where:  Rausch Creek Off-Road Park / KOA Campground
  • Details Found Here: – Sign up now!



T-shirts are available for $15 a piece and they are available in two colors (black and gray) and all sizes (S, M, L, XL, & XXL). Vinyl stickers are available in both 8″ and 12″ sizes in white, blue, red, yellow and green.  Windshield banners are now available in 34″x3″ for $10 a piece.  Oversized Hood banners 24″x7″ are available for $12 a piece.  All prices do not include shipping, but are available on the website.




Stephen Q. Breslin
Founder & President